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DIRTY CARPETS? GRUBBY UPHOLSTERY? - Let us clean them for you!

OUTSTANDING RESULTS - Far Better Than Standard Cleaners

We Use The Truckmounted System. A self-contained machine driven off it's own engine. It provides it's own heated water up to 250°f, this alone kills a multitude of bacteria and the vacuum power is phenomenal thus leaving carpets cleaner and drier.
DRY IN HOURS NOT DAYS. These machines operate at up to 20x the efficiency of portable electric machines that standard carpet cleaners use.

Gloucester Carpet Cleaning                                       
Do you need the services of a reliable, local carpet cleaner?


One thing we've noticed is that when you have paid out good money, you don't always get what you expect!

On every job that I carry out I give a personal guarantee:

My personal guarantee to you is simple, I will carry out every job to the highest possible standard and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the result, I will personally re-clean the item(s) again completely Free of Charge and if you are still not happy, I will refund your money for cleaning that item in full.